Indefinite leave to remain in United kingdom is a form of migration status that ensures that a person can live and work in the UK as long as they wants without any further visa extension application. However, people with ILR are occasionally denied border entry. It is important to note that indefinite leave to remain is not the same as British citizenship. ILR holders keep their original nationality and are not entitled to anything. They can lose their indefinite leave to stay status if they leave the UK for more than two years.


After residing in the UK for a certain amount of time, people may apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain UK under a variety of visa categories. To apply for ILR, an individual may take several different paths. If all other requirements are fulfilled, ILR applicants can apply in two years' time, while the other applicants may apply in five years' time. For people who had lived in the UK legally for the last 10 years, a 10-year itinerary is also open. If both legal and illegal residency has occurred, certain persons will apply under the 20-year path.

How to Apply:

Indefinite leave applications in one's lives in the UK is extremely necessary. Before they become a British citizen, they can be used as a final obstacle. However, several requests are made before visa expiry, which means that only one shot is received by the applicant. It is no surprise that after refusing to apply to the ILR, citizens had to leave Britain and start their time of permanent residence from scratch.

Benefits of Indefinite Leave to Remain:

Indefinite Leave to Remain UK allows citizens and their families to advance their position in the United Kingdom. Many that have ILR can live and work in the UK without the need for a visa. Before applying for ILR, be mindful that if people remain outside the UK for a continuous duration of two years or more after receiving ILR, their ILR status will usually be revoked. 

After 5 years, is it possible to apply for ILR?

After 5 years in the UK, people may apply for indefinite leave to remain if they are on a path that qualifies for Indefinite Leave to Remain. After 5 years in the UK on this visa or a group of qualifying visas, the holder can apply for an Indefinite Visa to Remain in a specific category of visa. Some paths can allow for a shorter qualifying time, while others do not lead to Indefinite Leave to remain at all.