How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone?

Bluetooth headsets can be very useful for those who keep talking on the phone throughout the day, i.e., if your boss, friends, family keep calling you throughout the day, then using a Bluetooth headset will be most beneficial for you. 

Today's article will tell you how to connect your mobile phone and laptop with a Bluetooth headphone. Before that, see what you should do before connecting your Bluetooth headphone with your phone and laptop. So without any further due, let's get started...

Things You Should Keep In Mind While Connecting Your Bluetooth Headphone With Other Devices.


  1. Make sure that your Bluetooth headphone and the device with which you're willing to connect your Bluetooth headphone must be appropriately charged.


  1. Your Bluetooth headphone isn't blocked in the device with which you want to connect it.


  1. Keep your device closer to your Bluetooth headphone to get the best performance out of it.



How To Connect A Bluetooth Headphone To A Mobile Phone?


To connect a Bluetooth headset to the phone, you don't have to do much special; change some Bluetooth settings in the phone. Let's know how to connect a Bluetooth headset to the phone.


  1. First of all, charge your phone and Bluetooth headset.


  1. Then put your Bluetooth headset on the pairing mode. Most of the switches on the headset turn on the pairing mode.


  1. The headset's light will start blinking while pairing.


  1. After the light turns on, place your phone on the Bluetooth Onkar headset.


  1. After going to the Bluetooth settings of the phone, you will get the name of the headset, select it.


  1. After selecting the name of the headset, the option of pin code will come in your phone. Ninety-nine percent of headphones have a default PIN code 0000. Now, wait for the message to arrive. After a while, the message will come on your phone and sometimes on your headphone too. Such as "Handsfree Connection Established".


  1. Now your headphone is connected to the phone; that is, you can attain any call and enjoy songs hassle-free.


How To Connect Your Bluetooth Headphone With The Laptop?


  1. Turn on your Bluetooth headphone.


  1. Then click on your Laptop Bluetooth option.


  1. Search for available Bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth section on your laptop.


  1. Then you will see the name of your Bluetooth headphone. Click on it.


  1. By doing so, your Bluetooth headphone will be connected to the PC.


  1. After this, whenever your Bluetooth headphone and PC are in range, they will be connected automatically.




Bluetooth headphones are always a great option. You can use it by connecting with your several devices like PC, Phone, speakers and all.


So that's all about this blog (How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone?) hope you like it thanks for reading this blog.