It’s time to manage & monitor your diabetes in a SMART way! Go for BeatO, it is India’s leading diabetes management platform that provides a complete solution for all the daily needs of a diabetic.

BeatO combines cost-effective IoT hardware – the BeatO smartphone-connected glucose meters SMART & CURV – with the BeatO App to support end-to-end management for users. BeatO App is undoubtedly the best diabetes monitoring app through which you can get advice from certified doctors & nutritionists.

This diabetes tracker app is also very helpful in scheduling your medication deliveries & diagnostic services. You can also read & watch diabetes-focused content and buy specially curated diabetes-friendly foods, drinks & wellness products.

☆ Trusted by over 1 Lakh diabetic users, BeatO is the most popular Diabetes Management app.❤️

➡ We have helped users reduce their HbA1C levels by 1%p, which in turn has reduced their complication risk by 33%.✅

BeatO App at a Glance
• Automated personalised notifications based on your sugar readings
• AI-driven nudging and triaging system
• Estimated HbA1c based on the average of your sugar levels
• Proactive doctor and medical specialist support via BeatO’s Virtual Endocrine Clinic
• Emergency alerts to family & loved ones when readings are out of controlled range
• Auto save readings, get trends & analysis using this sugar test app
• Shop for diabetes-friendly foods, drinks & wellness products
• Medicine reminders
• Offers on medicines & lab tests all year round

BeatO Glucometer online is an ideal sugar testing machine which is powered by our blood sugar test app, check out the features below:

1. BeatO SMART Blood Sugar Tracker – Use BeatO glucometer (ISO and CE certified) with our feature-rich blood sugar App known as BeatO App for accurate blood sugar readings. Small in size, it gives you accurate sugar results in no time & the advantage of manually logging the readings.

2. FREE Doctor and Dietician Consultations - FREE BeatO care round the clock! Consult top doctors & our team of medical experts (dieticians) who continuously monitor your sugar levels and can be reached out on-call or chat. Managing diabetes was never so easy!

3. BeatO Rewards Program – Our reward points program has been specifically designed to drive compliance amongst our users for regular monitoring and better management of blood glucose levels.

4. Logs and Trends - BeatO App uses colour coding to depict high, low and normal blood sugar levels. All blood glucose monitor readings are automatically saved in the app blood sugar logbook and can be analysed with simple graphs.

5. Emergency Alerts – You can choose to share readings which are out of controlled range with family, doctor and trusted contacts through automatic SMS alerts

6. Save Big on Medicines – Buy medicines and order lab tests through BeatO App at an attractive discount. You get the convenience of free doorstep delivery, no min order value and COD.

7. Diabetes-Friendly Range – We offer diabetes-friendly foods, drinks and wellness products.

8. Sync your Fitness Tracker - Find out the calories you burn by syncing your fitness tracker to track your steps. This sugar checking app is compatible with Google Fit to show a unified view of your health & activity data.